We leverage the latest technology to optimize and expand our services, providing customized solution for our clients.


We move quickly and modularly in order to meet our customers’ rapid change in demands.


We are a fun, productive and creative team.
We believe in personal growth, happiness and a passion for life.

Our Mission

Deliver modularized, affordable, reliable, scalable, & effective PaaS to the masses.

Who We Are

FunPodium is a leading technology company that offers the most intelligent framework and the best cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution to game companies, content providers, e-commerce enterprises, social networks and more.

We help reduce infrastructure complexity by accelerating our customized application development with FunPodium Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution. In addition, we are building the world’s first AI driven sports site that will provide customized content and dynamic interactive experience.

FunPodium constantly leverages the latest technology to create the most innovative entertainment platforms. We are confident in our ability to serve our customers, and assist them in becoming leaders in their industry. And of course... keep on having FUN!

What We Offer

Cloud-computing Platform

Pick and choose each unique feature for now and for the future.

Monitoring Services

Always be on top of you business through web and mobile apps.

AI and Big data

Predict user behavior and business growth trend.

AI driven sports site

Deliver personalized content anytime on any device.

What Makes Us Unique







We offer the most optimized and agile entertainment platforms to simplify our client's operations in a stable and secure environment.
We strive to provide our clients the services they need to excel in their business.

Who We Serve


Content Providers


Social Networks

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