React Developer

Junior / Mid / Senior Level

Job Description

  • Cooperate with project managers to clarify the requirements and provide technical feedback in order to deliver valuable products to user
  • Integrate backend services and APIs to ensure seamless communication between the front and backend
  • Conduct code review with the team to ensure code quality
  • Continuously learn and develop technical knowledge in front-end related fields

Required Technical Skills

  • Open to fresh graduates and junior level. More than 1-year experience in front-end development is a plus.
  • Knowledge of Git or other VCSs
  • Have the basic knowledge of native JS and HTTP protocols and basic abstraction capabilities
  • Communication skills are required, including the ability to clearly express technical and teamwork concepts in verbal and written forms
  • Have the basic ability to speak English (for Taiwanese) and Chinese (for foreigners)
  • Have an understanding of React, Javascript, and Typescript; and can quickly learn related technologies

Other Preferred Skills

  • Familiar with technology stack: Next.js, Typescript, Tailwind CSS, Antd
  • Experience in writing tests using Jest / Cypress
  • Familiar with server-side development based on Node.js and other related technologies
  • 14 days of annual leave starting your first year.
  • Annual company trip for your relaxation.
  • Annual health check-up and company health insurance.
  • Flexible arrival time from 8 to 10 AM.
  • Weekly free massage service.
  • Monthly team gatherings and birthday parties.
  • Snack bar, all-you-can-drink coffee, and a cozy room for you to chill or work.
  • Parenthood benefits, including maternity, paternity, and parental leave.
  • A fully equipped breastfeeding room onsite.
  • Holiday bonus for Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid‐Autumn Festival.
  • A diverse workplace where employees are from all around the world.

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